• Made in Nijmegen

    Oct 01 2015

    Made in Nijmegen

    Proud to be asked for Made in Nijmegen to be one of their 5 ambassadors for the kick-off. Have a look at the slick video and check the pretty locally made products from talented makers in my hometown!

  • International Philanthropy Conference in Athens

    Jun 30 2015

    International Philanthropy Conference in Athens

    My work was selected to be featured in the Philanthropy & Sustainability Poster Project installation from the 4th Stavros Niarchos Foundation International Philanthropy Conference in Athens. Thanks to Viktor Coen for curating!

  • De Verbeelders

    Nov 03 2014

    De Verbeelders

    Proud to be featured in "De Verbeelders - A Century of Dutch Book Illustration" by prof dr Saskia de Bod, published by Uitgeverij Vantilt

  • Illustration Now 5

    Sep 05 2014

    Illustration Now 5

    See my illustrations alongside the work of 150 illustrators in the 5th edition of Illustration Now! Published by Taschen Books.

  • A Map of the World

    Mar 15 2013

    A Map of the World

    Proud to be featured in A Map of the World - The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers, a wonderful book by Gestalten.

  • Novum Interview

    Feb 13 2013

    Novum Interview

    German design magazine Novum invited me for a two spread article featuring my work. A big thanks to Bettina Schulz for the interview!

  • Information Design

    Apr 30 2012

    Information Design

    Taschen released the amazing book Information Graphics featuring my design Map to Ghost Town amongst lots of lush infographics.

  • Grenzeloos (No Borders)

    Mar 31 2012

    Grenzeloos (No Borders)

    I'm honoured to have my work shown at the museum Kampen in the group show Grenzeloos, showcasing the work of 8 contemporary illustrators. March 31 - june 10.2012

  • Threadless Made by

    Mar 21 2012

    Threadless Made by

    Made by is a monthly artist showcase hand-picked by Threadless. Proud to be featured on this new Threadless section with 7 new shirt designs.

  • The Artfuls Interview

    Jun 14 2011

    The Artfuls Interview

    The Artfuls is a new site chock-full illustration work. Thanks for the Esther Aarts interview and work showcase!

  • Lettercult

    Mar 10 2011


    Thanks Lettercult, for the mention in the Custom Letters - Best of 2010 list.

  • Grain Edit Holiday Bash

    Dec 07 2010

    Grain Edit Holiday Bash

    Enter the Grain Edit Holiday Bash and win awesome design goodies like my Stop!Tea time poster an many other things.

  • Playful Type 2

    Oct 19 2010

    Playful Type 2

    Thanks to Gestalten for featuring The Push Your Luck postcard set in the book Playful Type 2.

  • Museum of Modern Arts Arnhem

    Oct 12 2010

    Museum of Modern Arts Arnhem

    I'm honoured to be invited to show my work at the Museum of Modern Arts Arnhem at Gelders Balkon 9
    16.10.2010 - 12.12.2010

  • Threadless

    Oct 11 2010


    Congrats, Threadless and thanks for the mention in your 10th anniversary book!

  • Happy Chaos - Subwalk

    Oct 04 2010

    Happy Chaos - Subwalk

    Subwalk invited me to show my work alongside 6 awesome illustrators in the group show Happy Chaos in Arnhem. 09.10.2010 - 07.11.2010

  • Gevaarlijk Goed

    Sep 15 2010

    Gevaarlijk Goed

    For Urban Arts festival Gevaarlijk Goed I've created 2 signs to be used in a dance performance. You're welcome to visit!

  • Torso

    Sep 09 2010


    Thanks to Gestalten for featuring my work in the book Torso.

  • Graniph Interview

    Jul 26 2010

    Graniph Interview

    Japanese retailer Graniph released one of my designs on a T-Shirt, and interviewed me for their exhibition section. Thanks!

  • Grain Edit

    Jan 06 2010

    Grain Edit

    Many thanks to Grain Edit for the article on their design blog.